Resource Library

These items are available for all club members to borrow.

To borrow an item, please contact our Coaching Convenor:

We also welcome any items which maybe you don't utilise any more and would be happy to donate.

Drill Cards associated to our Equipment

-          Drill Cards for Agility Cross Ladder x 8 drills

-          Drill cards for Marker Cones x 4 drills

-          Drill cards for Reactaball x 8 drills

-          Drill cards for Plyo-X x 8 drills

-          Drill cards for defence and attacking drills (4 cards in the pack)


-          Book: XLR8: Netball Team Training Guide

-          Book:  Down to Earth

-          Book: XLR8 Netball Training Guide

-          7 x Office Rules of Netball books 


-          DVD: Agility Cross Runs

-          DVD: Netball Australia Skills of Netball Foundation

-          DVD: Quickness and Agility For Sport – volume 1

-          DVD: Quickness and Agility for Sport – Volume 2

-          DVD: Super Agility Multi-coloured Ladder

-          DVD: Swiss Ball: Exercises for everyone

-          DVD: DigiNetball Volume 1.0

-          DVD: Defending Skills x 2

-          DVD: Ball Handling x 2

-          DVD: Attacking Skills x 2

-          DVD: Training Games x 1

-          CD (maybe DVD): 20m Shuttle Run Test

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