Season 2020

Round 9

Date Time Venue Grade Home Team Result Away Team
12-09-20 2.15PM Court 06 Division 2 Samford 1 v
12-09-20 3:30PM Court 15 Division 4 Samford 2 v Valleys 4
12-09-20 1:00PM Court 18 Division 5 Flyers 3 v Samford 3
12-09-20 11:45AM Court 09 Cadet Div 5 Samford 5 v Aspley 8
12-09-20 2:15PM Court 12 Cadet Div 7 Flyers
v Samford 5
12-09-20 10:30AM Court 02 13 Yrs Div 1 Canons 10 v Samford 6
12-09-20 10:30AM Court 09 13 Yrs Div 4 Samford 7 v Phoenix 15
12-09-20 9:15AM Court 03 12 Years Div 1 Flyers
v Samford 8
12-09-20 9:15AM Court 12 12 Yrs Div 5 Samford 9 v Pine 19
12-09-20 8:00AM Court 04 11 Yrs Div 1 Samford 10 v AHS 35
12-09-20 8:00AM Court 20 11 Yrs Div 4 Samford 11 v St Margaret's 9
13-09-20 8:30AM Court 09 10 Yrs Blue Samford 12 v AHS 38
13-09-20 8:30AM Court 21 10 Yrs Orange St Margaret's 11 v Samford 13
13-09-20 11:00AM Court 15 10 Yrs Silver Valleys 28 v Samford 14
13-09-20 11:00AM Court 30 8&9 Yrs Red Samford 15 v Raiders 49

Registration Fees for Season 2020 & Information

Fees for Season 202 will be $320.00 per player. 

Pre-season Sessions will be run in February, more details to come.

Other intensive, player development programs will occur through out the season. Team coaches will be well trained with the latest coaching techniques and methods.

Please note:

  • Fee reduction is available through participating in assisting the club and players through coaching or managing teams. And also through other participation like fulfilling committee roles, please contact one of the committee for further information.
  • Samford Netball Club is also registered for the government program, Get in the Game which may entitle the player to a partial fee rebate, please contact the committee for more info.
  • if you wish to pay by instalments, please contact our Treasurer:   email A $50 deposit is required for each child upon registration.
  • Full payment is required by 30th April 2019

Payment can be made either:
-  online at time of registration (Visa and mastercard accepted);
-  or via EFT to BSB 633000, Account Number: 141728253, Account Name: Samford Netball Club Inc. (PLEASE use your surname as reference);
- or via cheque or money order to PO Box 176, Samford QLD  4520;
- or visit the local Bendigo Bank branch and to make a deposit.

Full Registration Payment is required by 30th April.

Where does my registration fee go?

- Downey Park Netball Association's team registration which includes insurance and fees to Netball Qld.
- umpires fees
- sporting equipment
- trophy and presentation event
- netball clinics and pre-season squads
- lighting and court costs
- administration costs


Uniforms will be available at:
- Sign on day
- Grading; and
- Nippers pre-season fun day.

Cash, money order, direct deposit or cheque payment is required with your order and delivery will be made pre-season through the team manager.

Second hand uniforms are also available, please see our second hand uniform site.

Coaches, Managers and Umpires

Are you interested in becoming either a Coach, Manager or Umpire this season?

The club can not operate without the help of people willing to be a coach, manager or umpire. Training is provided for all positions.

Our Coaches, Managers and Umpires play a pivotol role in strengthening our Club.  If you wish to nominate for a position please complete one of the forms below and either hand to us at Sign on Day or mail it to PO Box 176, Samford, QLD 4520  

** Managers Nomination Form
** Coach Nomination Form 
** Umpire Nomination Form

Downey Park Results and Points Tables

DPNA weekly results table for competitive divisions can be located here.

DPNA Team Points table for competitive divisions can be located here
- Competition Points are awarded as follows:  Win = 3, Draw = 2, Loss = 1, Bye = 0, Forfeit = 0
- DPNA for and against percentages are calculated by adding up goals scored, dividing by goals against and multiplied by 100.