Thursday Mixed Comp

On a Roll for another Outstanding Season!

And the fun begins!!!

Samford Netball's Mixed Season got off to a blast with heaps of new faces and two brand new teams to mix it up for 2015!

With such a massive influx of new blood we're sure for a few surprises and our first fixture for the season did not let us down.  Our Girl-powered Newbies looked like seasoned professionals as they gave the new-look, newly-inspired Green Team a run for their psychedelic money, the hippy-yippy Greenies only just nudging out the Nubes by 34 - 15.  Look out everyone, the all-girl line-up could be the secret of match-winning success - only time will tell!

On mainstage last week, the super-powered Pink Team muscled up to take on the Monsters and Pink's extra fire power catapulted them ahead by the narrowest of margins, but enough to take the big money.  With enough bench-warmers to scorch the opposition this season, the Pinks could be set for a major come-back!  Our Purple Wingmonsters will really need to dig deep this season if they're to prove that youth really beats experience.

The Blasters' initiation by the Young @ Hearts has put the burn on the rookies to turn up the heat for next week, if they want to make a bang this season.  But with some Wicked Blasters players debuting next week we could be in for some red-hot netball.  Something tells me we haven't seen all the Blasters have to offer and their next hit-out against a hotted-up Pink team could be interesting indeed.  The Youngies welcoming of two new players to their line-up could be the shot in the arm they needed for another crack at the finals this year and they'll be looking to even the score, for sure.

Valley Gold knows when they're on a good thing with only a single change to their line-up this year!  Powerhouse Wayne Taylor has big shoes to fill as Tammy takes a season off to add to her family, and her outstanding abilities will be sadly missed.  Hope you're up to the task, Wayne!  The Goldies showed their brake-lights to the Aces as they sped ahead in the first half last week, but the Aces have a secret weapon soon to be unveiled.  Over six foot, hot and hairy their newest member could be just the ticket to put some wins on the board this season!

So, next week the Wingmonsters take on Valley Gold, the Newbies will cut the deck with Aces, the Hearties will trip the light fantastic against the tie-died Greenies, and those playful Pinks will set the pace for the Newbies.  Hope you're all up for it!!!!

Have an outstanding week y'all and in the words of the inimitable Mr Leonard Nimoy, "Live long and Prosper!"  

Ciao for now!

Peita McClenaghan
Samford Mixed Social Netball Co-ordinator 

All Go for N20 in Samford!

As the G20 draws to a close, US President Barack Obama was overheard yesterday whispering to an aide "Now for the real reason we're here . . . .Samford Netball's finals season!"

And even netballing legend German Chancellor Angela Merkel took an early mark from proceedings to make her way to Samford but was astounded to find herself no closer to the Main Event than the Caxton Street Hotel.  "What do you mean I can't get to Samford by public transport?!" she said.  "What sort of backward country is this?!" she twittered.

Apparently self-elected President of Samford Bob Millar has offered Angie a room for her stay but only if she was happy with the bottom bunk.  "Barry's on top," he explained to local press, the Village Pump who will be exclusively covering the event from Netball Central.

Ange and Barry discuss the odds of the Green Team taking out the finals yet again

So, with the eyes of the world upon us, Samford is set to sizzle with netball the big winner!

This Thursday will see the ladder finalised, and with the Pink Team and Young @ Heart sharing the third rung (equal on 29 points), it's anyone's guess who will be fighting it out for finals contention the following week.  This week's major showdown will be between Valleys and the Green Team and with both teams eyeing off the Gold Medal, competition will be a hotter than Climate Change on the G20 agenda!

With our new-look finals play-offs involving all teams, everyone has a shot at the big time (even Tony Abbott)!  

So hunker down teamsters, gather your troops, and circle round for some of the most rootin' tootin'est Netball action on the planet!

See y'all Thursday!


             Security Samford Style                                        Which way to Cedar Creek?


THE HEAT IS ON!  Samford will be smoldering next week, as were the Chicks last week who posted a sensational win against the Green Team!  With numbers on the bench, the Chicks fired on court and some burning circle defence was all it took to put the Greens off their game.  Look out Monsters, the Limeys will be keen to avenge their loss next Thursday and will be out for blood!

The Purple People-Eaters ate up the Aces last week for whom it was nothing but a numbers game.  A couple of cards short of a deck, the Aces couldn't pull a trick, and the Monsters mauled them, 21-11.  But the Aces are keeping their cards close to their chests, and with a roll of the dice still have a chance at the finals if they can get all their players to the table!

The Pink Team struggled against the Fun Bags whose never-say-die attitude on court brought them within 4 points of a win.  With only one goal per quarter between these two teams, the Funsters' climb up the rope of experience has been remarkable - by next season they will be finals contenders - LOOK OUT teams!  The fun has just begun . . . .. 

The showdown between Valleys and Young @ Heart was all we expected with both teams fighting till the last bell on Thursday but the Golds walked away the victors by a narrow 4 point margin.  Comfortably holding their own at second place on the ladder, Valleys will be looking for a big win against the Pinks next Thursday but could the comeback queen, Sonya hold the key for Pink and a shot at the Greens in the Finals?  All will be revealed!

So with only two fixtures to go after this week, the ladder is as follows:
Green 30 points
Valley Gold 27 points
Pink 25 points
Purple Wingmonsters 24 points
Smoldering Chicks 17 points
Aces 15 points
Fun Bags 12 points

Good luck everyone!  But there's some inside information that I'll share with all:  the key to victory is SHOWING UP!  Consistently those teams that have the numbers, win!  Keep your benches packed, an ace up you sleeve and some petrol in your tank and you're half ways to glory!

Have an AWESOME week!


Welcome Back Y'all!

Great to see none of you have lost your form over the last three weeks of holidays!  Some outstanding netball was played last Thursday night, not the least of which was between Aces and Young at Heart.  

Aces began the game with gusto, pressuring Y@H till half time with a goal-for-goal attack that the Youngies couldn't break.  In an outstanding game of netballing brilliance the Reds fielded an uncompromising combination and looked like they were going to take the lead all the way to end, but some strategic half-time positional changes brought the Hearties' mojo back.  In two quarters, they were able to double Aces' score and brought home a resounding win, 26-13.  

The Smoldering Chicks posted a much-needed win against the Purple Wingmonsters who were hosting comeback queen, Sonya whose sheer brilliance on the court hasn't been hampered by a season spent sidelined with injury.  The Chicks had the numbers on the bench last week, and the Monsters simply couldn't hold them back with a depleted team.  The loss of Matt has been a blow to the Monsters' line-up but with four Grieves and a Greaves in the comp to call upon, they need not grieve the loss!

The Pink Team pushed the Greens to the absolute limit last week and almost stole the show.  Had the Greens not put early points on the board, the Pinks' comeback under pressure in the third quarter could have seen them bring home a win.  Alas, it was not to be and the Greens still remain top of the ladder with two games in hand.

The Fun Bags proved that numbers can make the difference and fought hard against a depleted Valley Gold on Thursday to post a loss of only 8 points, not a bad hit-out for the rookies!  The ultimate professionals that they are, Gold remained cool under pressure and couldn't be rattled by the unsettling tactics of the Funsters. Valleys will be keen to hold second position on the ladder over the coming weeks and a exceptional game to watch next week week will be their match-up against rival third-place holders, Young @ Heart.

So, if the weather gods continue to look down upon us with favour, and the rains stay away, we should see this season's fixtures wrap on on November 13, with Finals and our Breakup BBQ on November 20.   This season has been an outstanding success, and I'd like to highlight that with the inclusion of some fantastic, new, talented umpires, the standard of play has continued to improve and their professionalism and etiquette on-court, sometimes under extreme pressure, has been nothing short of commendable.  Where would we be without our wonderful umpires?! 

So, see you all Thursday for the continuation of a great year!


Ferny Grove SHS Facebook Page:

Each year Netball Queensland (NQ) identifies talented Association umpires who demonstrate the potential to progress to the next level of umpiring. Congratulations to Megan of Year 11, who has been identified at a State level for her netball umpiring. Megan has been offered a position in NQ's Umpire Development Program and will also be umpiring at the first phase of the U17, U19 and U21 State trials. Well done Megan - what a fantastic achievement!

Each year Netball Queensland (NQ) identifies talented Association umpires who demonstrate the potential to progress to the next level of umpiring. Congratulations to Megan of Year 11, who has been identified at a State level for her netball umpiring.  Megan has been offered a position in NQ's Umpire Development Program and will also be umpiring at the first phase of the U17, U19 and U21 State trials. Well done Megan - what a fantastic achievement!
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Finally!!!!  Aces came up trumps last week with their first win of the season!!  Yaaa-hoooo!!  Finally playing with a full deck, the A-team held their poker-faces til the final whistle blew, and came away with a 7-point win against the Chicks.  The Chicks had been dealt a lousy hand, with the Queen of Hearts side-lined, and the Aces took full advantage.  With a full-house, Aces proved once and for all, they're worth a side-bet, even when the chips are down!

Pink opened with some early hits in their bout against Young @ Heart, in what proved to be a pound-for-pound barnburner!  In a relatively high-scoring match, the Hearties tried to put the clinch on the opposition, but Pink was counterpunching all the way to the bell!  The Youngsters were down for the count by fourth quarter and just couldn't go the distance.  They were on the ropes for most of the second half and finally kissed the canvas in a bare-knuckle, fists-out, down-to-the-wire, no-holds-barred TKO!

The Fun Bags opened early with some inside-information by Agent Provocateur Steph, but even with some crucial covert action directives from Mata Hari, the Bags were black-flagged by the Purple Wingmonsters.  Their cover was blown spectacularly by the Monsters whose offensive action closed all escape routes.  With some high-intensity perimeter-profiling in the opposition circle, the Purple Posse shut down the Funsters' operations completely.  Cooked, burned and covers blown!

Valley Gold went down to the Green Guerrillas whose bunker-busting battle plan machine-gunned the enemy from the hills in a bombardment no army could sustain.  With heavy casualties in the first half the Goldies drew back to reposition and rethink their battle plan but their counter-attack was quickly shut down by the grunts, with gusto.  Yet again, it was Whiskey, India, November for the Greens!

Next Thursday we'll see the Chicks take on Young @ Heart, the Pink platoon battle it out with the Purple peeps, the Fun Bags bring it to the Greenies, and Aces might even trump Valleys (double or nothing, anyone?)

For all you dice-rolling, ringside-rallying, double-agent, war-mongering Netballers out there, Samford Parklands will be the place to be seen this Thursday night!  

C U there!


Smoldering Chicks put the burn on the Aces last week, who were definitely playing with a short deck!  But the dreaded lurgy couldn't keep stalwart Andrea away who still managed to show up to keep score for her team.  Great work, Girl, hope you're feeling much improved!  The Chicks walked away with the winnings this time, their first for the season, but hopefully the Aces will be dealt a better hand next time.

Those fabulous Fun Bags deflated last week to the Young @ Hearties proving that experience counts on the netball court at least.  Y@H pushed themselves to the limit, showing the Funsters exactly how its done!  And risked cardiac arrest to bring it on home by a whopping 15 point margin.  The Purple Wingmonsters will take on the Heartstoppers next week to break the tie between these two teams.  With only half a point separating them, the pressure will be on!  Bring your blood-pressure monitors, Hearties, you just might need 'em!

Last week, the Monsters had every chance to take poll position from the Green team, but just didn't have the pace.  The Greenies smashed the Monsters by a massive margin, proving invincible yet again so next week its up to the Fun Bags to to burst that Green balloon.  The Bags will need to bring their serious game-faces on Thursday, or risk a serious take-down!

Valley Gold showed why they're second on the ladder last week, with a hard-fought win over Pink.  A 'stella' performance by Ms Sheil and her team-mates including a return from retirement from Mr Pickering just wasn't enough to tarnish the Golds who swept home with a 10 point margin.  Valleys will be looking for a win next week over the Chicks to hold their position. Both Young @ Heart and the Wingmonsters could knock the Golds off the podium, should either or both of these teams finish on top next Thursday.

It's close at the top with only a few points separating the top four teams, but with 9 games to go, anything could happen.  The battle lines have been drawn and its WAR each and every Thursday night at Samford Parklands where the fun never ends!!

Make sure your fees are paid by this Thursday to avoid any nasty emails, and if any team-mates haven't registered please ensure they're on the books this week.  I'll be reconciling this weekend, ensuring all the paperwork's complete so your efforts in this respect will be very much appreciated!

And remember that we have drinks, lollies and chips available to purchase at every game and proceeds pay for our end-of-season BBQ.  Your support is vital (otherwise we'll be having snags instead of steak!)

Enjoy a sensational week and we'll see you all Thursday!

Peita McClenaghan

Lady Luck was shining on the Valiant Golds last Thursday night, and Young @ Heart just didn't have the ticker to hold out against a final-quarter sprint for the line that ended the game with the Golds only 2 points ahead.  In what was a goal-for-goal challenge for court supremacy, Valleys' dogged determination took them over the finish line against the Hearties whose usual cool efficiency mid-court and spectacular circle attack just wasn't enough on the night.  Some outstanding on-court acrobatics by Stefano kept the crowd enthralled though as he put his body on the line for the team!

Once again the Purple Wingmonsters were too strong for Aces last week, who were playing once again without a full hand.  Despite beginning the season with a strong combination, Aces just can't take a trick this season and their performance has been dogged by absence, illness and injury.  Maybe that's their strategy and their holding all their best cards for later!  

The Monsters have been quietly creeping up the ladder this season and hold equal first place with the Green Team and this Thursday's game will see them oppose each other in what could be a prequel to the GF!  The Purple peeps will need to bring their monster-game faces though to break the Greens' winning formation - THIS WILL BE THE GAME TO WATCH, this week!

The Pinks downed the Fun Bags positively last week in yet another return to form, and are keeping the dream alive with some sensational circle work and top-class shooting.  The Fun Bags are moving on up though, and have made an awe-inspiring debut this season.  Don't let their antics fool you though!  Lurking amongst the fun and frivolity every Thursday night are some very talented individuals indeed!

So, as Winter draws to an end, and the warmer weather approaches, our second night season heats up as well.  Looks like that's the end of the Big Wet for the season (rain? what rain?!) so see y'all Thursday night!

Nanu, Nanu!


The Fun Bags' use of the Chaos Theory (the study of dynamics and random predictability - see working model)  almost outwitted the uber-cool Valley Golds last week, but a return to simplicity and discipline brought the game back under the Golds' control!  After initially submitting to the Funsters' digressional tactics, Valleys were able to regroup, rethink, and replay their winning moves that brought them such success last season.  But be warned!  Those that come up against these crafty youngsters in future will face speed, agility, youth and athleticism as the Fun Bags' steep learning curve enables them to become the ultimate netball machine!  

An unmitigated showdown took place on court 2 last week as the Pink Team found their previous form against the Greens in a high-scoring 36-all game to the death.  New to the field, youngster Tane Callaghan exposed his silver-leaf, black-diamond capabilities in support of an outstanding Green field that 'lacked' nothing in strength and ability, but the Pinks were equal to the challenge.  Sidelined with injury was playmaker and ingnition switch, Sonya Grieve however the tenacity and determination of her team-mates were enough to match the Greens goal for goal.

The Smoldering Chicks fought valiantly against the Purple Wingmonsters whose bullet-in-the-chamber and benchwarmer made all the difference.  Winning by only one point the Monsters' additional player brought energy and enthusiasm onto the field when they needed it most and enabled them to 'wing' a sensational goal in the dying minutes.  But the Chicks will be out to avenge the loss next week and like a proverbial Phoenix out of the smoldering ashes, will rise against the Greenies with a passion to win.  Don't count your chickens, Green . . . . . . . 

Plagued with illness last week, the Aces stalwarts fought hard against the Youngsters in a heart-stopping game which saw rookie, Fiona put everything on the line, narrowly averting serious injury in an awesome attempt at intercept.  But she soon found form again with an instant recovery to soldier on against a disciplined attack by the Hearties that simply couldn't be matched.  Some outstanding circle attack and a disciplined centre-court formation handed Young @ Heart a convincing win, but they'll need all their strength (and their pacemakers well-tuned) to bring down Valleys next Thursday!  The Golds are on a roll!

Till next we meet again, stay warm and healthy, pay your fees (if you haven't already) and we'll see you next Thursday for more action-packed, lightning-fast, no-holds-barred, mega, monster NETBALLING fun!!!

Peita McClenaghan

2014 Season 2 Draw FINALISED!!

Finally, we have created the draw for the season, and managed to integrate two teams, so we now have an 8-TEAM DRAW!  There will be no byes for anyone and most teams should have more than adequate members to avoid scrambling for fill-ins at the last minute.   YAAAAAYYYY!!!!!

WINGMONSTERS, GREEN AND CHICKS - I still have 3 remaining new players awaiting positions in existing teams!  First to pick up these players will ensure that they field a full team every week!!  Please respond urgently to this email, to avoid disappointment!

Thursday's draw is as follows:

Ct 1 Purple Wingmonsters V Valley Gold
Ct 2 Aces V Rebekahs
Ct 3 Young @ Heart V Green
Ct 4 Pink V Smoldering Chicks

We now also have a new range of treats available in addition to drinks, poppers and water available each night.  Fuel up with a sugar hit before the game or give the kids a well-earned treat - mixed bags of lollies, and RED FROGS available courtside!  All proceeds go towards our end-of-season BBQ!

What a sensational season!!!!  Congratulations to all players, the Samford Netball Club management, umpires and our esteemed First Aid Officer for a job well done!!  We couldn't have asked for a better outcome and with numbers growing rapidly within our mixed netball competition, NEXT SEASON WILL BE EVEN BETTER!!

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed two completely new teams to our comp this season and a huge number of new individual players to swell the ranks.  Our regular stalwarts graciously opened their teams to rookies and the introduction of a number of professional new and experienced umpires made the season a great success.  It is wonderful to see Samford Parklands being utilised to its full extent and the Samford Netball committee should be congratulated on managing such an outstanding facility.  From my personal experience with a number of sporting committees within the region, Samford Netball is by far the most outstanding to work with, offering affordable, community, sporting opportunities to all without the need to be involved in fund-raising, property management, volunteering and associated tasks.   Without doubt Samford Netball's Mixed Competition is the most flexible and enjoyable sporting commitment available in the region.  It has been a great experience for me to be of service to you all this year and I am hopeful there will be many more outstanding seasons ahead!

Congratulations to last Thursday night's Grand Finalists, the Pink Team and Chicks in Division B, and Valley Gold and the Green Team in Division A.  Some hard-fought games in the finals resulted in a margin of no more than 5 points in any of the finals games played indicating that all teams have shown significant improvement over the course of the season.  Rarely is a competition so close, and it was brilliant to see so many of you given the opportunity to rise to Grand Final status.  

Ultimately though, the best teams on the night took the honours, with the Green Team holding out to win by 5 points against Valley Gold in Division A, and Smoldering Chicks winning by a narrower margin of only 2 points against the Pink team.  Special mention must be made though of the Red Back's unfortunate loss to the Pinks in the finals by only three with only six of their regular players; what a different story it may have been should the wooden-spooners been able to field a full team on the night.  Young At Heart also made a valiant dash to the GF only losing by 3 points to Valleys and an outstanding effort by Saphires was made also, only to be pipped at the post by Chicks.

But as they say, the biggest winner of all on the night was NETBALL!!  With our visiting QNA umpires remarking on the outstanding abilities of our players, our court etiquette and sense of fair-but-fun play, you can all be congratulated on a job well done.  You've all made me one very proud co-ordinator indeed!!

So, onward and upward!  Next season kicks off Thursday July 24 and all details are outlined on our website. Get your registrations in early, don't worry if you don't have full teams, we'll do the co-ordinating for you and if any of you have any further queries, I'll be more than happy to help.

Till we meet again, have a wonderful break - keep well and warm,

Peita McClenaghan
Samford Mixed Netball Co-ordinator


ITS FINALS TIME!!!  Next Thursday (26th) we are holding our 'new look' finals giving every team one last chance to shine!

We shall play two divisions of finals, and will announce winners and runners-up in both divisions so all teams have a fantastic opportunity to play their best ever netball and WIN!!

Div A Round 1:  Green V Purple Wingmonsters, Young at Heart V Valley Gold
Div B Round 1:  Pink V Red Backs, Smoldering Chicks V Saphires

Div A Grand Finals - Winners of Round 1 play off
Div B Grand Finals - Winners of Round 1 play off

Please remember that it is important at this level to abide by all regulations regarding piercings, jewellery and nails as umpires will expect full compliance at finals time, and that a warm-up WILL make a difference to your game. Please ensure all players are ready to start at 6.30pm sharp this week and that you bring your best court etiquette with you!

Presentation will take place at 7.30pm and the club will be providing a BBQ for your enjoyment and soft drinks and water will be for sale or if you'd prefer, byo bubbles!

In the unlikely event that the finals are cancelled due to bad weather these games will be played on Thursday, July 24!

N E X T   S E A S O N!!!!!!
Kicks off Thursday July 24.  Please start thinking about your team's line-up for next season as registrations are already open!  Please start spreading the word!  All new teams and players are welcome and we're looking forward to another fabulous season of netball!

See you all Thursday!

Stay fit and well!

Bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  With the cold weather truly upon us, many of us are wishing we were enjoying the sunshine in Brazil, but the Wingmonsters, the Chicks, the Pink team and the Greens were bathing in the warm waters of glory last week as they all posted sensational wins!

The Redbacks struggled again in their game against Purple who had two on the bench and the fresh blood really made the difference.  The Reds have fought all season but player retention has proven to be their biggest challenge, and the opposition has taken full advantage.  Management's spotlight on a new-look line-up should give them hope though for a better outcome in season two should they return for vengeance.  If persistence and enthusiasm won awards, the Reds would surely get my vote!

Smoldering Chicks certainly made up for their previous forfeit with a convincing win over Saphires on Thursday, and although there was only three points difference in the scores, once again numbers on the bench were the key to their win.  Saphires desperately missed Kate's stylish shooting, and a brave effort by substitutes from the Pink team, was simply not enough to keep the Chicks from scoring too many times.  Team stalwarts, Andrea, Darren, Jodie and Steven will also be furiously recruiting before next season to improve their chances at victory and a return to previous form.

A battle of sheer endurance took place on court 4 last week between the Pink Team and Young @ Heart with the Pinks narrowly edging out the Hearties by only 7 points in what was an extremely high scoring game.  With over 55 points scored, the difference was minimal and the game could have gone either way.  With the young bloods losing a player to injury in the second half, victory was secured by the Pinks who are enjoying a weekly move up the ladder and are now sitting in fifth place.  A win against Valley Gold next week will give them a much need boost into first division and a glimpse of grand final glory.

As expected the Greens downed the Gold in a decisive match, however Valleys are in a great position to secure a first division footing next week.  With an outstanding shooting combination, and a strong defence operation, their consistency and quiet determination might just be the recipe for success.

So, for the last round of the season teams are sitting in the following ladder positions: Green, Young @ Heart, Purple Wingmonsters, Valley Gold, Pink, Smoldering Chicks, Saphires and Red Backs.  Only one of our four scheduled matches this week will adjust current rankings however ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN on finals night the following week so until the fat lady sings, no-one's place is secure!

Season Two begins Thursday, July 24!!  Please start considering your team's line-up for the remainder of the year, as the second season is always our most spectacular!  Registrations will open shortly and considering the current wave of community interest in netball, some fresh new recruits will be coming our way, I'm sure.  Friends, colleagues, family members are all welcome and we'd love to see some new teams so start spreading the word - for the most fun you can have with balls, Samford Netball's the place to be on Thursday nights!!

See y'all Thursday!

All Hail, the Queen!!  (If she ever dies, do we forfeit our annual holiday??!)  When I called Her Majesty this morning for her birthday, she enquired of the stats of last week's mixed netball round, as she often does whenever we speak.  She's ever-so-proud that our teams have all selected her colours: red, saphire and white to represent our love of ol' Blighty and is particularly pleased with the Purple Wingmonsters, and their homage to her ceremonial hue.  Of course, she totally understands that some of us have chosen the green and gold (in true colonial defiance!)  

Rocketing up the royal ladder after last week's win against Saphires, the Pink Team (much to Madge's disdain - she's never worn pink in public!) have moved from seventh to fifth place and with an eye on promotion to first division, they'll be fired up to face off against rivals, Young at Heart this week.  But in their best health ever, the youth brigade might just be the team to halt the Pinks' ladder assault.  With a momentous win against the courageous Monsters last week, Young @ Heart have sealed their first division placement, and will be hard to topple from the throne betwixt now and finals night.

The cold kept the Chicks in the hen-house last Thursday night and the unfortunate no-show gave Valley Gold a leg up the ladder from fourth to third.  A well-earned rest was welcomed by Valleys except for one brave soldier who joined the Hearties in downing their opponents.  Well done, Pete!

As usual the Greens were too strong for the Redbacks last week who were slow to start but consistent in the remainder of the game (Her royal highness suggests a warm-up next time - a hot toddy and some iced vo-vo's always works!)

So, heading into the final weeks of the series, the ladder is as follows: Green, Young @ Heart, Valley Gold, Purple Wingmonsters, Pink, Saphires, Smoldering Chicks and Redbacks, with only four points between third and sixth place.

Stay well and healthy this week!

God Save the Queen!!

Much like the "pink panther" of Inspector Clouseau fame, a win has been hard to find for the illustrious Pink Team, TILL NOW!!  And in a comeback that even Rocky II, III and IV couldn't beat, they've begun their much-awaited climb back up the points ladder!  Edging their way ahead of the tarnished Golds by only a few points each quarter, the Pinks snatched victory from their combatants but Valleys had them in their sights every second of the game.  Some scorching shooting by the fuschia funsters sealed the game, and with a 10 point clear victory, the Pink Team took home the Golden Globe for best performance on a court.

Rising stars, Valley Gold will be looking to secure their 'best new performer' logies this season, and they'll be keen to outshine the Smoldering Chicks next week.  The battle of the rookies will be staged on Thursday as both these teams bring out their best performances for an epic battle.  Fresh from a stellar win against the Red Backs last week, the Chicks cheep-cheep tricks are catching the talent-scouts' interest and with each team in sensational form, Thursday's game could go either way, and should make for some award-winning viewing!  

A thrilling, and suspenseful ending to the drama unfolding between the Green Team and Purple Wingmonsters last week, gave the jade juggernaut their 12th straight win and a clear shot at the finals.  With no team able to steal their limelight, the Green Team have had a sparkling career in Tinseltown.  HOWEVER, waiting in the wings are the Pink Team, Valley Gold and Young at Heart who have all come within seven points of the the jolly Green Giants on occasions, and the gossip round town is that they just might be finishing the season without one of their starlets . . . . . . . ssssshhhhh,  you didn't hear it from me!

Young at Heart have proven the pacemakers are still working, and brought more pain for the Saphires last week.  With a dominating performance, the youth brigade made the blues pay for Wednesday night's questionable victory.  Maybe a uniform change might be in order for the unfortunate Saphires . . . . . might we suggest considering maroon . . . .?  Just a thought . . . . . 

And as a lead-up to the night of nights, Samford's Mixed Netball finals and Golden Globe awards ceremony, teams are currently placed as follows:  Green, Young @ Heart, Purple Wingmonsters, Valley Gold, Saphires, 
Smoldering Chicks, Pink, Red.  I'll leave it to you to determine which end of the ladder you're all on!

And, so you all know what's happening between here and the end of the season, here's the inside story: The competition officially has two rounds (05 and 12 June) left to play, and on 19 June we will play the round which was called off due to wet weather on 27 March.  

For the finals on 26 June we will split the comp into two divisions, A and B.  All teams will play 2 x 20 minute games within their divisions, so we end up with a winner and runner-up in each division. 

On the evening of the finals, we will provide a sausage sizzle and all teams are invited to BYO drinks to enjoy during the presentation after the second round.  

This is promising to be a most exciting month for sure.  With the hottest competition in the centre of the ladder, every team has the chance at stardom!

Stay warm and well till next Thursday!

Peita McClenaghan
Samford Mixed Netball Co-ordinator
(and part-time Hollywood columnist)

With the finishing line in sight, Samford's mixed netball teams are jostling for pole position.  Although the Green team is holding a clear lead with two games in hand, the race for second, third and fourth spots on the grid is truly hotting up!

With only a single win separating Young @ Heart, the Purple Wingmonsters and Valley Gold for a chance at the finals, competition is fierce and none of these teams can afford a loss before the end of the season.  HOWEVER!!! With late entry players into the Redbacks and Saphires teams, anything could happen!  If Saphires can string together straight wins for the remainder of the season, we could see the applecart truly upset!

With a full team last week, the Redbacks posted their second win of the season and will be looking to prove they've got what it takes next week against the Smoldering Chicks.  Once the Reds unleash their venomous circle defence upon their prey, counter-attack is useless.  Could the Reds ensnare the Chicks in their silken web next week, or will the Chicks be too cute to catch!!

So, next week, will the Hearties shine against Saphires or will the Blues blind the competition with their brilliance?!  Will the Smoldering Chicks burn the Reds with their hot-footed game, or will those Aussie arachnids put the bite on the opposition?  Will the fuschia-clad avengers be in the Pink and secure a much-needed win against the glamorous Golds, or will the Valleys' depth be too great?

For all the best netball action (and answers to these mysteries), be at Samford Parklands this Thursday!

Peita McClenaghan
Samford Mixed Netball Co-ordinator

PS  Thank Goodness the end is in sight!  I'm running out of bad puns . . . . . .!!

You can never underestimate beginners' luck, and that's certainly the case for the Samford Mixed Netball comp this year.  With 5 wins from 9 outings, Valley Gold have been the quiet achievers and have secured third place on the ladder after the Green Team and Young @ Heart.  Rookie team, the Purple Wingmonsters are only marginally behind though on the points table and Valleys will have to play hard and fast to challenge second placed Young @ Heart, just to hold their position.

The Smoldering Chicks are on a roll with two wins in a row, but will meet some strong competition when they hit out against the Green Team next week.  And both the Redbacks and the Pink Team are due for a win, so theirs will be an exciting game to see.  Since the Redbacks have secured some hot new talent over the past fortnight, we could see a momentous challenge for supremacy with some new blood (metaphorically speaking!) on the bench!  With only two wins between second place and second last on the ladder, every team still has a chance at the finals!

Word must be getting 'round Samford that the Parklands is the place to be on Thursday nights.  With SIX new recruits in two weeks, netball must be catching!  (Pardon the pun!)

Thanks heaps to all our newbies for showing up JUST IN TIME for the flu season.  And extra special thanks to Graham the Great who backed up for his Missus last week only to end up playing for the opposition!  

Seriously though, there's some outstanding netball being played on Thursdays, particularly around the shooting circle.  Young @ Heart, Valley Gold and the Green Team have some beautiful synergies in their attacking circles, but some technically perfect defence is really testing their averages.  Every shot counts in this comp and it will matter more than ever as we head into the second phase of the season.

STAY WELL EVERYBODY!  Keep warm and we'll see you Thursday!

Peita McClenaghan

A transfusion of new blood was all that was required to see the Redbacks enlivened to meet the Saphires challenge last week, and luckily for both teams, four new recruits arrived just in time!  With the Redbacks capturing 3 of our newbies in their web of destruction, and Saphires  absorbing the remaining young male of the species, both teams played to their potential with full teams on court.

We welcome Monica, Shastene, Louise and Jess and hope that our teams' insatiable hunger for great netball hasn't scared them away!

Young @ Heart are proving the wild card in this season's comp, and might just show the amber light to the Green Team's supremacy if the all-time finals winners don't step on the gas.  The Black and Whites raised the checkered flag and stepped up their game with some heart-stopping goal-circle defence, forcing the Greens to rethink their tactics when next these teams meet!  But be careful, me hearties, that the opposition doesn't use your tactics against you - would hate to see your heart-shaped shooting combination suffer a green guerilla attack!

The Chicks burnt the opposition last Thursday, leaving the Pinks smoldering for revenge in a close quarters battle with only three points the difference.  The Chicks were on fire, as they blazed a path of destruction through their farmyard fences to the goal-third, attacking the circle like the proverbial wolf at the piggies' doors.  Can the Pink Team recover from such an onslaught?  They'll have to bring it big time for next week's match against the Greens, that's for sure!!

The Purple Wingmosters' pursuit of pole position gained momentum last week with a close win against the gold-digging Valleys.  Four points was all it took for the monsters to tarnish their opposition, but the shiners weren't making it easy for the mauve marauders.  With the margins drawing closer each time the Golds take the court, they're closing in on victory this season.  Only a few points separate second to fifth place on the ladder and its anyone's game from here!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the ongoing saga that is . . . . . . . . . SAMFORD MIXED NETBALL!

Peita McClenaghan

The Green Team have had the green light all season, and with a convincing win over medalists, Valley Gold last Thursday night, Green have secured their position as competition leaders.  Though Gold fought valiantly, the ball was well and truly in the Green's court all game!  Well done, Green for setting the standard for some outstanding games this season.

Saphires shone on Thursday night securing a close win over rookies, the Smoldering Chicks with only 2 points the difference.  Saphires are currently sharing third place on the ladder with Valley Gold, and both teams are closing in on the ladder leaders, assuring us of a close finish for medal contention come the end of the season.  

And Young @ Heart are providing the upset of the season!  Proving they've still got the ticker for some outstanding performances, last week's win over the Pink Team has secured second place for the tireless crusaders.  An unbeatable goal-scoring combination in the circle (proving that love really does conquer all) gave Y@H the advantage, supported by a very capable mid-court team.  With four wins out of five hit-outs, the Hearts' high blood pressure is proving insurmountable for their challengers.  Maybe a dose of the Smouldering Chicks next week might be just the medicine to break their winning streak!

The Purple Wingmonsters clashed with the Red Backs on Thursday, and some high-flying centre-court action coupled with a monstrous circle attack, kept the Red Backs well and truly grounded.  Red mounted a venomous challenge though, but Purple's circle defence proved almost insurmountable for Red's shooting team.  The Red Backs still haven't unleashed the sting in their tail though, and will certainly challenge Valleys when they meet for the second time, next week.

Have an outstanding week, netballers, and we'll see you all on Thursday!

Peita McClenaghan
True to their name, Young at Heart dug deep and pulled out a one-point win over the Purple Wingmonsters last Thursday night, who fought valiantly but could not upstage the depth and experience of their counterparts!  Y@H are presently sitting in second position on the ladder with the Pink Team closing in.

Valley Gold's medal tally of three wins from five hit-outs leaves them close to the leaders and well in contention for podium supremacy at the end of the season - a team to be watched for sure.  A convincing win last Thursday has proved that cool heads and an eye on the finish line is a winning formula indeed!  Full credit goes to Smouldering Chicks though, whose grim determination kept the Gold well and truly in their sights!

The Green Team's depth kept the Red Backs back last game. With an extra player on the bench, a convincing win for the Greens keeps them undeniably ahead of the rest.  But as each week passes, the gap is closing!  Whomever meets this team in the finals will be well-prepared for a major battle!  Look out Green, they're comin' atchya!

The Pink Team's win against Saphires has seen them return to their former glory as serious finals contenders, but Saphires have proved they can shine with a full team.  If team spirit earned us points, the Blues would be ahead for sure - keep up the fight, kids!

April 24 will be our next fixture date when the Red Backs meet the Purple Wingmonsters,  the Smouldering Chicks take on Saphires, Young @ Heart take will take the fight to an in-form Pink Team and the mighty Greens take on the glistening Golds.  

Till we meet again, kids, on behalf of the committee, may I wish you all a choc-tastic Easter!

Peita McClenaghan

Like a cat amongst the SMOULDERING CHICKS, our late-entry wild card team is set to ruffle a few feathers!  Although their first hit-out was doomed by absence (did we scare them off?!) the Chicks rustled up a team who certainly showed some fine moves on-court against our competition leaders, the Green Team.  With a full contingent next week, the Chicks are destined to FLY!!!  

The Greens came away with a convincing win, but all the best action took place in the last 10 minutes of torrential rain within the remaining ranks.  With surprise wins to the Redbacks, Young at Heart and Saphires, the competition is heating up with Saphires and Valley Gold in equal second place and Young at Heart only one point behind.

A big GOLD STAR goes to the Redbacks for having all fees paid on time, though!  (Should get extra points for that!!)

So next week's games should provide some interesting clashes with comp leaders, the Green Team facing off against the Purple Wingmonsters, rookies Valley Gold taking on leadership contenders, the Pink Team, and the currently-shining Saphires teaming up against our quiet achievers, Young at Heart.

And will the Redbacks put the bite on the Smouldering Chicks . . . . . ?!

All will be revealed, 6.30pm Thursday night, Samford Parklands!

See you there!

Peita McClenaghan

Samford Mixed Netball Co-ordinator

Thursday Mixed Draw - 6:30pm Games


Social Comp Guidelines

In this competition the emphasis is on enjoyment, social atmosphere and skill development or maintenance.  While competitiveness is not discouraged, it is the responsibility of all players to conduct themselves in a way that is respectful and considerate to team members, opposing teams and officials.  Any behaviour, act or language that is considered inappropriate will not be tolerated, and could result in players or teams being penalised or even removed from the game.

All players must be registered.  Players may play more than 1 game per evening either as a registered fill-in or as a registered member of a team.  All players are responsible for reading and understanding the rules contained herein.  If there are any rules that are not clear, please feel free to discuss these with the umpires prior to the commencement of the game.

Teams and Uniform
Teams of minimum 8 should be created to allow for absences/injuries and either a captain or manager appointed. Teams are to choose their name and wear the same coloured T-shirt to help distinguish between teams.
- If you register as an individual you will be placed in a pool and allocated into an appropriate team.
- Before the commencement of the final series, all players must be registered and have played in the team on at least 3 occasions.
No player can take the court without appropriate enclosed shoes. Players must be 16 years  or over.  As with day competition rules, jewellery should be removed and nails cut or taped up. 

The Game
The game will consist of 4 x 10min quarters with a 2 min break in between.  Score sheets must be completed and signed in full and returned to the desk at the end of each game.  Wet weather games will be made up at the end of the draw if time permits.  If there is a draw on points and any finals positions have to be decided, it will be done by a count-back on goals.  In the event that a game is tied during a finals match, teams will change ends and play a further 5 mins each end (with a 2 min interval).  If the game is still a draw after this extra time, then play will continue until a team reaches two goals ahead.  This team is then declared the winner.  Competition points are allocated as follows:

Win  = 3 points       Draw   = 2 points         Loss = 1 point        BYE = 0 points        Forfeit = 0 points

General Playing Rules

Starting the Game:  The game commences with the first centre pass taken at the umpire's whistle.  The ball can be held for no longer than 3 seconds and must be touched within the centre third.  All players must be in the correct starting position obeying the footwork rule.  After each goal is scored, a new centre pass is taken alternatively by the two centre players.  The umpires whistle indicates the beginning and end of each quarter.

Contact:  A player cannot accidently or deliberately come into contact with another player in a way which impedes their play.  For example, pushing, charging, tripping, throwing the body against an opponent or using the ball to push or contact an opponent.  Players must not hold an opponent or keep their elbows against another player.

Obstruction:  A player with arms extended cannot defend a player with the ball, closer than 3 feet(0.9m).  This distance is measured from the first landed foot of the attacking player to the nearest foot of the defending player.  A player may stand closer to an opponent with the ball provided their arms are not extended, but a player may not use intimidating actions against an opponent with or without a ball.  If the attacking player lessens the distance in their throwing or shooting action, then the defending player is not considered to be obstructing, because it was the attacking player and not the defending player, who shortened the distance.

Held Ball:  A player must pass the ball or shoot for goal within three seconds of receiving the ball.

Over a Third: The ball cannot be thrown over a complete third without being touched by a player in that third.  The penalty pass is taken from the third where the player gained possession.

Offside:  Players must stay within their designated playing areas.  If a player goes offside, a free pass is awarded to the opposing team in the offside area.  If both players are in possession of the ball when they go offside, a toss up is given in their area of play.

Out of Court:  When the ball goes out of court, it is thrown in by the opponent of the team which was last to touch it.

Footwork (Stepping):  One foot landing - when a player lands on one foot, they may step with the other foot, lift the landing foot, but must throw the ball before re-grounding the lifted foot.  They may also use the landing foot as a pivoting foot, stepping in any direction with the other foot as many times as they wish.  A player cannot drag or slide the landing foot, or hop on either foot.  This will result in a free pass to the opposing team.

Two foot landing - if a player catches the ball and lands on both feet simultaneously, they may step in any direction with one foot, lift the other foot but must throw or shoot before re-grounding this foot.

Replayed Ball:  A player who has possession of the ball may not bounce the ball and re-gain possession of the ball.  After throwing the ball, a player cannot play it again until it is touched by another player, or rebounds off the goal post.  A player cannot roll, kick or fall on the ball, or pass the ball in any way while lying, sitting or kneeling on the ground.