Do you require a new whistle?

Visit our online shop for a whistle.  The Thunderer whistle is a high quality professional whistle.  Our price is $18.95, (some retailers sell for $29.99).

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Do you want to Umpire for Samford?

If so, please complete this form and send it to: or post to PO Box 176 Samford 4520 and our umpiring convener will contact you.

We also require umpires for the Thursday Night Social Competition, so if you are interested, please contact or checkout the Social Competition Link on the website for further information.

Umpiring Rates for 2012

Game Level

Qualification Required

Amount Paid per game


DPNA course


11-13 years competitive

Introduction to Umpires Course


Cadets  & Intermediate

Level One Umpires Course & Level One Theory Exam Pass


Cadets & Intermediate

Badged Nat C, B, A Umpires


Open Div 1 & 2

Badged Nat C, B, A Umpires


Open Div 1 & 2

Level One Umpires Course & Level One Theory Exam Pass, experience and working towards Nat Badge (preferably 15 & over years of age)


Open Div 3-5

Badged Nat C, B, A Umpires


Open Div 3-5

Experienced Level One Umpires Course & Level One Theory Exam Pass experienced (preferably 14 & over years of age)


Netball Australia Umpire Exam Centre

Link   here

Online Level 1 Umpires Course

An on-line course (Introductory Level Officiating General Principles):.

U for Umpiring

U for Umpiring books are available for sale from the club. Please contact  to purchase a copy.  Cost is $20.00 which includes a whistle. 

Umpiring Uniforms

Umpires are required (by Downey Park) to wear the correct umpiring uniform when umpiring all games at DPNA.  The umpiring uniform choices are either:

  • Full Samford Netball Club uniform (no shorts, appropriate footwear); or
  • Umpiring whites, can be purchased via Samford Netball Club

Please note: incorrect attire attracts a $50 fine which the umpire is responsible for.
For new uniform please contact Megan Grainger email or 0410 554 975.

Umpires Support (Chum or Buddy)

We are looking for volunteers to guide our newer umpires whilst they are umpiring. This is generally helping them to make decisions and being assertive. Also when umpiring new Nippers it is important to explain to the Nippers players the rules. If you decide to take on this role, this will be your commitment to get your family levy back at the end of the season. For more information please contact    Information for Umpires Support will also be provided at the Coaches and Managers evening - details.