Frequently Asked Questions

What age can you start netball?

Girls turning 8 between 1 January and 31 December are eligible to start playing netball.


What age does competitive netball start?

The first year of competitive netball is under 11's.


What age groups are nippers/non-competitive?

Ages, 8, 9 and 10 play a modified game of netball.   Non-competitive/Nippers rules can be located here.


When and where are the games held?

Saturday games start around late March and run through to end August/early September, there are generally 14 rounds of netball.   Games are not played during school holidays or long weekends.   Samford Netball Club is part of the Downey Park Netball Association and our match games are held at Downey Park.    The court layout can be located here.


What is Net Set Go!?

Net-Set-GO! has been developed to provide children from the age of 5 to 10 years with the best possible learning and playing experience that enables them to develop a positive introduction to netball, ensuring enjoyment and continued participation within the sport.  Net Set GO! incorporates skill activities, minor games and modified matches in a fun and safe environment.  See this site for more information.


What happens at grading?

Grading is an important step in player and team allocation for players 11 yrs and over.  Samford Netball Club strives to ensure grading takes into account the player's ability and attitude.  Our Club employs an independent, highly experienced grader with non-bias to assess each player and helps to assign players into teams. 

Once the grading session is complete, a Grading Sub-Committee, which consists of experienced and knowledgeable club members compiles the teams and recommends to Downey Park Netball Association the division each team should be placed in.

We understand that players and even parents can feel a little anxious however it is the Club's intention this is done fairly and without bias.

Samford Netball Club has designed a policy in relation to grading and an appeals process if required.  Please click  here to view the policies.  It is important to also note, that after we have presented our preferred divisions for each team to Downey Park Netball Association, they may need to move some teams into different divisions to balance the number of teams in each division.


Where do our fees go?

The Samford Netball Club pays many and varied fees which are all included in a once off payment at the beginning of the season.  A significant amount of players fees go to Downey Park Netball Association which also includes Netball Qld fees.   The remaining part of the fees contribute to non-playing members fees (e.g. coaches, managers), ground fees, umpiring fees, team photos, new equipment, trophies and presentation night, netball clinics, lighting and administration costs.


How are competition Points calcuated?

Competition points are calculated as follows:

  • Win 3
  • Loss 1
  • Draw 2
  • Bye or Forfeit 0
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