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** 9 Week Blast 2020 **

Netball Queensland COVID-19: Community Netball

Downey Park is making plans to run a smaller 9 week season commencing on the Saturday the 18th July and Sunday the 19th July (further details below).

Downey Park would like indicative numbers of teams by the 26th June, we are requesting interest from our members in playing in this competition. By emailing: president@samfordnetball.org.au

Ideally we would like to retain the team structures we had in place prior to COVID making use the grading process that occurred earlier in the year. (Obvious exceptions around new players joining teams and of course players indicating they may not be comfortable participating which is perfectly ok).

If you have not previously resigtered for this season and would like to play, please email: president@samfordnetball.org.au

Below is a summary on the details we have at the moment of what the 9 week season will look like to assist with your decision making process.

9-Week COMPETITIVE (11 yrs-Opens) Season
Games: 4 x 10-minute quarters to be held on a Saturday
First round: Saturday 18 July 2020
Last round: Saturday 12 September 2020
9 rounds of play: No trophy awarded just acknowledgment of the who is at the top of the table at the end of 9 rounds
Scorecards: players do not need to sign, Managers to tick off on who has played on court
Umpires: to umpire their own Club games
E.G: Valleys v Vipers (1 Valley umpire and 1 Viper umpire)
Training: Commences from the 14th July

9-Week NET SET GO (7 -10 yrs) Season
Games: 4 x 10-minute quarters to be held on a Sunday
First round: Sunday 19 July 2020
Last round: Sunday 13 September 2020
9 rounds of play: No medals/trophies
Scorecards: Players do not need to sign, Managers to tick off on who has played on court
Umpires: To umpire their own team as per usual
Training: Commences from the 14th July

Please note: 

In stage 3 groups of up to 100 are allowed unless exemptions are granted.
This equates to 20 people in total on each court, no spectators permitted. Clubs may need to look at the number of players in their teams to ensure appropriate numbers.If you have 9 players, only a coach will be permitted. If you have 2 coaches and 1 manager, only 7 players permitted. Scorer included in those numbers.

Downey Park has submitted a request to the Health Authorities for a 500 people waiver, at this stage they have not heard back on this request.

These are some of the things listed below we will need to adhere to as club.
Club Requirements for Return to Play:
.COVID Safety Coordinators (DPNA)-One for each club, which will be me
.Entry/Exit points - with our open access to our courts is no issue
.Training to be "Get in. Train. Get Out." No arriving too early and hanging around after training, more detail to follow on this
.Strictly BYO water bottles, towels, whistles etc
.Attendance Register
.No changing of bibs
.Sanitising of Equipment (balls, equipment, post pads)
.No congregating in groups beyond training
.14 day exclusion if unwell or in contact with known or suspected COVID case
.Continued promotion of good personal hygiene

Mixed Netball July 2020

Online registration for the Mixed Netball July 2020  is open! 

Games commence: Thursday 23rd of July 6:30pm. 

Cost: $170 individually all inclusive or $1250 for a full team, available once full has team registered

Contact Convenor for more information on social@samfordnetball.org.au 

Register Now

Why play Netball?

Anyone can play netball, at any pace, anywhere. You definitely don’t realise you’re doing exercise, you just notice one day that you’re not out of breath any more. It’s also a fact that there’s no better way to meet people and make good friends than playing netball.

Everyone knows that playing sport is good for you physically. It gets you outside and away from the internet & screen-based activities –TVs, computers and devices

There are certain immediate health benefits, and very signifcant long-term benefits from playing a team sport like netball can have.

In the long term being physically active can reduce the risk of developing health problems further down the track including osteoporosis, breast cancer and heart disease.

If that isn’t enough, people who play netball also tend to do better academically, are more likely to graduate well from high school and have greater career success.

Being a member of a netball team teaches skills that the people take with them into their wider worlds of school and work. Beyond the obvious team work, people also learn to deal with adversity through loses or injuries, how to problem-solve more effectively, as well as how to push themselves to improve their skills. These skills are eagerly sought in the workplace, with many employers keen to hire people who have participated in team sports.

So don't delay and join a Samford Netball team today – you will be glad you did.

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