Uniforms - New

Order your Uniforms Online

Please click here to -> order uniforms online.  Uniforms orders received before Monday 6.00 pm should be available for collection at training the next Tuesday.

Sun Protection Policy

It is permitted by Downey Park Netball Association that players are allowed to wear a sunshirt under their dress for the protection of shoulders and arms.   The sunshirts must be either white or skin toned.  Please also view our Sun Protection Policy for more information on keeping sun-safe whilst playing netball.

Our Uniform for NetSetGo (Nippers) & Competitive Players

The Downey Park Netball Association has strict rules in regard to uniforms. Players must be in correct uniform during all games. The compulsory components of the Samford Club uniform are:

  • Samford Netball Club dress
  • black sports briefs (no bike pants allowed)
  • white Samford Netball Club socks (no plain socks)
  • sports shoes
  • visors are also recommended

Uniform items can be obtained by contacting uniforms@samfordnetball.org.au.

Umpiring Uniform

Umpires are required (by Downey Park) to wear the correct umpiring uniform when umpiring all games at DPNA else they will be fined $50 per offence.   Downey Park will fine our club $50 for each umpiring indiscretion (i.e not wearing white skirt, not wearing white shirt).  Please be sure to wear your correct uniform each umpiring duty. The correct umpiring uniform is:

  • white skirt
  • white shirt
  • white visor; or
  • Samford Club Uniform