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Mixed Netball is a great opportunity to mix a bit of fitness with fun. We welcome players of all skills levels aged 16+ to join. Whether you are a team of competitive players, corporate work teams, groups of friends wanting to socialise and stay fit, or wanting to meet new friends and take part in a team sport, Samford Mixed Netball is for you!

Next Season Commences ~ Feburary 2021

Mixed Netball 2021 S1

Sign-on for Mixed Netball 2021 Season 1 

Season Commences 25th of February and runs till 17th of June. (With breaks over school holidays)

Individual registration ~ $170 

Team registration ~ $1250 

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Mixed Netball COVID rules

*New COVID Safety Rules* ~ For July 2020 Season

> Compliances with QLD Health social distancing rules 
> 1 team captain to register attendance (Spectors included) 
> Jess will be COVID safe convenor 
> No canteen available 
> In the event of a season cancelation, fees will be propotionally refunded 
> 14 day exclusion if unwell or in contact with known or suspected COVID case

Mixed Netball Canteen

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Mixed Competition Overview

The Competiton: 
  • Games will be played on a Thursday evening at 6.30pm  at the Samford Parklands Courts, Mt Samson Road, Samford. It will be 15-16 weeks long (depending on the number of teams recruited), with provision made for wet weather games and September/ October school holidays.
  • We follow the same rules as day competitions and can expect some action packed games with mixed teams competing against each other on court.
  • In the event of wet weather, a message will be posted on the website by 5.00 pm and your team will also be notified if the games are to be cancelled for the evening.  Weather affected games will be made up during the season if time permits.



  • Payment for individual registeration $170 can either be paid in full at time of registration or a minimum deposit of $60 must be paid to secure your registration, and the remainder to be paid by the 3rd game. 
  • Payment for a full Team registeration (8 players min) $1250. Contact us for more information.
  • If payment has not been received by the 3rd game, we may need to enforce the "no pay - no play" rule.  Bibs, balls and umpires are provided as part of this fee. Teams must provide their own scorer each evening.

Teams & Uniforms:

  • Teams are encourage to register minuim of 8 players to allow for absences/injuries and either a captain or manager appointed. 
            - If you register as an individual you will be placed in a pool and allocated into an appropriate team.\
            - Before the commencement of the final series, all players must be registered and have played in that  team for least 3 games.
  • Teams are to choose a name
  • Team are to wear the same coloured T-shirt, as a uniform. Bibs, balls and umpires will be provided. 
  • No player can take the court without appropriate enclosed shoes. Players must be 16 years or over.  As with day competition rules, jewellery should be removed and nails cut or taped up. 


  • Whilst the club does have Public Liability Insurance, the Mixedl Competition players are not covered by the Netball Queensland's Personal Accident Cover. Therefore any costs associated with an accident/injury are the responsibility of the player.

Umpires Wanted

  • We are looking for experienced umpires for our games.  Umpires are paid based on their qualifications, so if you are interested or know someone who is available, please contact our coordinator 0427760757

CONTACT:  If you have any further queries, please contact us at or phone Jess on 042776075

Mixed Compettion Guidelines/Rules

 In this competition the emphasis is a social, fun and competitve atmosphere, suitable for beginner or long time players aged 16+. While competitiveness is encouraged, it is the responsibility of all players to conduct themselves in a way that is respectful and considerate to team members, opposing teams and officials.  Any behaviour, act or language that is considered inappropriate will not be tolerated, and could result in players or teams being penalised or even removed from the game.


  • All players must be registered and over the age of 16yrs.  
  • Players may play more than 1 game per evening either as a registered fill-in or as a registered member of a team.  
  • All players are responsible for reading and understanding the rules contained herein.  
  • If there are any rules that are not clear, please feel free to discuss these with the umpires prior to the commencement of the game.


  • No player can take the court without appropriate enclosed shoes. 
  • No player can take the court with Jewellery and nails must be cut not taped up.
  • Gloves may only be worn if medically advised, please disgusted wih coordinitor for more information. 

The Game
The game will consist of 4 x 10min quarters with a 2 min break in between.  Score sheets must be completed and signed in full and returned to coordinator at the end of each game. Wet weather games will be made up at the end of the draw if time permits. Competition point system is as follows:

Win  = 3 points       Draw   = 2 points         Loss = 1 point        BYE = 0 points        Forfeit = 0 points

The Positions
Bibs will be provided to the team, and can be allocated as desired. As traditonal mixed netball rules a max of Three Males allowed on a court at the one time with one being in each area Defence (Gd or Gk) Attack (Wd, Wa, or C) and  Shooting (GA or GS)

The General Rules 

Starting the Game:  The game commences with the first centre pass taken at the umpire's whistle.  The ball can be held for no longer than 3 seconds and must be touched within the centre third.  All players must be in the correct starting position obeying the footwork rule.  After each goal is scored, a new centre pass is taken alternatively by the two centre players.  The umpires whistle indicates the beginning and end of each quarter.

Contact:  A player cannot accidently or deliberately come into contact with another player in a way which impedes their play.  For example, pushing, charging, tripping, throwing the body against an opponent or using the ball to push or contact an opponent.  Players must not hold an opponent or keep their elbows against another player.

Obstruction:  A player with arms extended cannot defend a player with the ball, closer than 3 feet(0.9m).  This distance is measured from the first landed foot of the attacking player to the nearest foot of the defending player.  A player may stand closer to an opponent with the ball provided their arms are not extended, but a player may not use intimidating actions against an opponent with or without a ball.  If the attacking player lessens the distance in their throwing or shooting action, then the defending player is not considered to be obstructing, because it was the attacking player and not the defending player, who shortened the distance.

Held Ball:  A player must pass the ball or shoot for goal within three seconds of receiving the ball.

Over a Third: The ball cannot be thrown over a complete third without being touched by a player in that third.  The penalty pass is taken from the third where the player gained possession.

Offside:  Players must stay within their designated playing areas.  If a player goes offside, a free pass is awarded to the opposing team in the offside area.  If both players are in possession of the ball when they go offside, a toss up is given in their area of play.

Out of Court:  When the ball goes out of court, it is thrown in by the opponent of the team which was last to touch it.

Footwork (Stepping):  One foot landing - when a player lands on one foot, they may step with the other foot, lift the landing foot, but must throw the ball before re-grounding the lifted foot.  They may also use the landing foot as a pivoting foot, stepping in any direction with the other foot as many times as they wish.  A player cannot drag or slide the landing foot, or hop on either foot.  This will result in a free pass to the opposing team.

Two foot landing - if a player catches the ball and lands on both feet simultaneously, they may step in any direction with one foot, lift the other foot but must throw or shoot before re-grounding this foot.

Replayed Ball:  A player who has possession of the ball may not bounce the ball and re-gain possession of the ball.  After throwing the ball, a player cannot play it again until it is touched by another player, or rebounds off the goal post.  A player cannot roll, kick or fall on the ball, or pass the ball in any way while lying, sitting or kneeling on the ground.