Umpiring for Samford

Without umpires we don't have netball. Umpires are essential to help keep the game safe, fair and fun for everyone. The Samford Netball Club is passionate about ensuring we provide all our umpires with mentoring and development opportunities to help you on your umpiring journey. If you're interested in umpiring for our club, whether you're new to netball or have previous experience, we'd love to hear from you.

Please message the club at and we'll be in touch.

Umpiring Rates for 2024

The following rates will apply to anyone who umpires on behalf of the Samford Netball Club.  These rates are consistent with the average industry standard. 


Qualification Required

Amount paid per game


Rules of Netball Theory Exam (min 70% pass rate) and

Less than one years' experience



Rules of Netball Theory Exam (min 70% pass rate) and

More than one years' experience



Junior Badge




Rules of Netball Theory Exam (min 70% pass rate) and

Foundation Umpiring Course (min 70% pass rate)


More than three years' experience


Badged National C, B, A Umpires


Umpiring Resources

Downey Park Netball Association have gathered an extensive list of resources for anyone interested in umpiring - regardless of where you may be on your journey.

Please visit their page here: DPNA Umpiring Resources

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