Samford Netball Club Policies

A range of policies and guidelines are provided to:

      • help members understand what the processes and procedures are in various circumstances;
      • ensure that our Club operates in an open and transparent fashion; 
      • create equal opportunity to all members.

These documents also help the volunteers on the committee ensure the club runs in a consistent and predictable manner over the years and as the committee members change.

Registration Fees Refund Policy

The Samford Netball Club will consider refunding fees where a player is no longer able to play due to injury, illness or unforeseen family circumstances.

Carnivals Policy

  • Teams may choose to enter carnivals but all costs for the nominations must be met by team members.
  • Samford Netball Club has no control over the placement of a team in divisions at carnivals. Whilst teams are nominated in their desired division, carnival organisers may choose to move teams into other divisions, depending on the number of nominated teams.
  • Players may be drawn from other teams in the same or younger age groups to make up numbers for carnival teams. Non-competitive players may not play with competitive teams.
  • Team Managers must obtain the services of a suitable umpire for their carnival team.  Please see the Umpire Convenor for a list of suitable umpires.

Equipment Policy - Equipment use

  • All equipment issued to teams remains the property of the Samford Netball Club.
  • It is the responsibility of the coach and manager of each team to maintain the equipment in good order and to ensure its whereabouts at all times.
  • It is the responsibility of the coach and manager of each team to ensure that all equipment is used in a safe manner and only for its intended purposes.

Equipment Policy - Equipment loans

  • Equipment may be borrowed for use outside of the winter season.
  • The equipment that can be borrowed will be 1 ball and 1 set of bibs
  • A $50 refundable deposit will be required.
  • The Samford Netball Club is unable to lend out equipment to outside organisations or for private functions.
General Committee Meeting
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