Samford Netball Club Policies

Over the years our Club has experienced significant growth and with that growth the need to formalise a set of policies/guidelines has arisen.  These are have been designed to:

  1. help members understand what the processes and procedures are in various circumstances;
  2. ensure that our Club operates in an open and transparent fashion; 
  3. create equal opportunity to all members;

These set of policies also help the volunteers on the committee to ensure the club runs in a consistent and predictable manner over the years and as the committee members change.

Family Levy Policy

The Family Levy has been removed from the Samford Netball fees, one of the reasons for this is the majority of members were happy not being refunded there family levy's in previous years. So this year and all inclusive fee is charged and fee rebates are available for the following positions (there are other ways of reducing your fees, please speak to us to find out how).

  • Coaching a team
  • Managing a team
  • Convenor's

Registration Fees Refund Policy

Full payment of all registration fees must be made prior to team registration date.   Fees will be refunded to players withdrawing from Samford Netball Club due to injury, illness or unforeseen family circumstances as follows:

Downey Park component:

  • Full refund prior to team registration.
  • No refund is possible once players are registered with Downey Park (generally early in March prior to the commencement of fixtures)

Team Photo costs:

  • Full refund prior to commencement of fixtures.
  • No refund after 3rd week of fixtures

Samford Netball Umpire fees:

  • Full refund prior to commencement of fixtures.
  • No refund after 3rd week of fixtures

Carnivals Policy

  • Teams may choose to enter carnivals but all costs for the nominations must be met by team members.
  • Samford Netball Club has no control over the placement of a team in divisions at carnivals. Whilst teams are nominated in their desired division, carnival organisers may choose to move teams into other divisions, depending on the number of nominated teams.
  • Players may be drawn from other teams in the same or younger age groups to make up numbers for carnival teams. Non-competitive players may not play with competitive teams.
  • Team Managers must obtain the services of a suitable umpire for their carnival team. Samford umpires are not obliged to attend carnivals and must be playing on the day. Due to the timing of carnival games, it is generally not practicable for a player to umpire for another team. Please see the Umpire Convenor for a list of suitable umpires.

Equipment Policy - Equipment use

  • All equipment owned by the Samford Netball Club must be signed for at receipt and return.
  • All equipment issued to teams remains the property of the Samford Netball Club.
  • It is the responsibility of the coach and manager of each team to maintain the equipment in good order and to ensure its whereabouts at all times.
  • It is the responsibility of the coach and manager of each team to ensure that all equipment is used in a safe manner and only for its intended purposes.

Equipment Policy - Equipment loans

  • Equipment may be borrowed for use outside of the winter season.
  • The equipment that can be borrowed will be 1 ball and 1 set of bibs
  • A $50 refundable deposit will be required.
  • The Samford Netball Club is unable to lend out equipment to outside organisations or for private functions.