Carnival Lists

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Carnival Guidelines

  • Teams may choose to enter as many carnivals as they choose throughout the year but all costs for  nominations must be met by team members.
  • Samford Netball Club has no control over the placement of a team in divisions at carnivals. Whilst teams are nominated in their desired division, carnival organisers may choose to move teams into other divisions, depending on the number of nominated teams
  • Players may be drawn from other teams in the same or younger age groups to make up numbers for carnival teams. Non-competitive players may not play with competitive teams
  • Team Managers must obtain the services of a suitable umpire for their carnival team. Samford umpires are not obliged to attend carnivals and may be playing on the day. Due to the timing of carnival games, it is generally not practicable for a player to umpire for another team. Please see the Umpiring Convenor for a list of suitable umpires.
  • Umpires should be paid a minimum of $50.00 when attending carnivals.  Managers must ensure you collect enough money to cover this cost.  The cost of a carnival will only be approximately $15.00 per player, so this is still a very reasonable day.
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